Hobby: Crocheting

I learned to crochet at the age of 20. I had recently married and my mother-in-law had started a crocheted skirt and vest for me. She had to stop working on it due to health. She gave me a learn to crochet book and the pattern for the set. She had completed the front of the skirt. I would have to do the rest if I wanted to wear the outfit. Using the book she gave me, I taught myself how to crochet so I could finish the outfit. I finished it but could see the difference between what she had done and what I had done. Still, the outfit was wearable. Over the years, I’ve learned more and more about crocheting. Today I would be able to make the part I did look just like hers by simply changing the crochet hook size. Now I have the experience to crochet just about any pattern available.

I will be adding a section “made by Kathi” that will have photos of items I’ve made. There will also be a section of things I’ve crocheted that are for sale. Come back often